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SAFE Management LLC (“SAFE” or “Advisor”) is a Registered Investment Advisor with the State of New Jersey, which is organized as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) under the laws of the state of New Jersey.and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Investview Inc. (a publicly traded company listed with the symbol OTCQB: INVU.)

SAFE Management LLC was founded in 2006 by Annette Raynor and then sold to Investview Inc. in 2012. Investview ceased advisory operations in 2014 and SAFE's licensing expired. Annette Raynor became COO of Investview in April of 2017 and re-established SAFE Management's registrations and licenses.

SAFE Management is operated by Annette Raynor, the Managing Member, Compliance Officer and Investment Registered Advisor Representative with the individual CRD number of: 5167290.

Our goal is to provide the necessary global market information to both institutional and individual clients. As a firm that believes in the application of emerging technologies to the financial markets, we feel strongly about being able to offer Clients of all levels of net worth a dynamic investment solution that can help them excel.

Advisory Services Offered

SAFE, through its RIA, includes the following investment vehicles in its analysis, research and potential recommendations: U.S. equities, options, index options, exchange traded funds, and emerging instruments such as weekly options and emerging asset classes.

SAFE also provides self-directed individuals access to investment advisory services via automated information collection and analysis. Individual advisory services provided via our automated portal is provided according to our fee schedule and provides individuals an understanding and access to the world of foreign exchange, index options, exchange traded funds (ETF’s) and emerging financial instruments including binary options and crypto currency markets. With regard to its CTA operations, SAFE serves the needs of investors seeking asset advisory and management services in the Off-Exchange Retail Foreign Exchange markets (“Forex” or “FX”). This market is also known and/or referred to as the Over the Counter (“OTC”) Spot or Cash Forex market.

SAFE is an alternative asset manager for individual and institutional investors in the Forex market through its use of global Forex trading strategies.

A. Institutional and High Net Worth Advisory Services

Custom portfolio design and management services provided to institutional and high net worth clients have a customized fee schedule tailored to the needs and requirements of the client.

At certain times an institutional client may require private client or private offering fund structures. Fees, in this arrangement, are defined by the offering and structure as mutually agreed upon by the parties.

B. Individual Advisory Services

Advisory Services provided to individuals via our managed trade services program are provided at 2.0% annual fee of assets under management. These fees are pro-rated and billed monthly or quarterly after the close of the period. This fee may be reduced on a discretionary basis as determined by the firm. Reduced fee structures are typically made available when a large number of individual clients are made aware of our services through one company, entity, club, group, or membership program.

Certain investment strategies may incur a higher fee structure based upon the provider of the strategy and cost of the research and trade information. In this event, the advisory fees are defined at the investment level and all fee structures are accepted by the client in writing.

S.A.F.E. Management LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor with the State of New Jersey, CRD: 289102. S.A.F.E. Management LLC is also an NFA member carrying the CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) and CPO (Commodity Pool Operator) designations. All disclosure information is available on this website and can be verified by visiting the specified FINRA Broker Check and NFA Basic links. S.A.F.E. Management LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Investview Inc., a publicly traded company symbol: INVU. (

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